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For you who speak English speak assimdo Slade is why you should meet him at some Wiki in English, am I right? Dragomaniaco o grande Sábio 2myqbup.gif Comentários 40 094 Contribs 19h05min de 15 de abril de 2010 (BRT)

P.S. If you reply to me, do not forget to use Googletranslator so we can communicate well, because I do not understand shit about English. Well, it's just and excuse the word. Dragomaniaco o grande Sábio 2myqbup.gif Comentários 40 094 Contribs 19h05min de 15 de abril de 2010 (BRT)

I don't use Google Translate to communicate, I doubt it will help me to make myself clear enough. I cannot speak Portuguese, I'm sorry, but understand some. Bene sit, cum latinã liguã contribuo? CartoonistHenning 19h47min de 15 de abril de 2010 (BRT)

About Wikia stuff[editar]

Hi Cartoonist, do you know this crap? My english is bad so can you request this wiki deletion? (I know they will not do it, so...) FrK(DØC) 18h33min de 24 de junho de 2010 (BRT)

Hi dude[editar]

Well, I need to say that many old school people from this place are cautious towards your petition. The reason is simple: we all know about Kohl's event on the start of the year, and we all remember about the posts calling innocent people here as "traitors" or "coup supporters", where both examples weren't applicable in any way.

I know that this happened as Kohl was your only Desciclopédia contact for years, therefore you could just support your friend. However, the offenses were towards the community as a whole.

I think, after reading some other users' comments, that a letter (or a small paragraph) asking pardon for your part would be educate, and would end any lack of trust originated from previous comment.

Yours, Emb. Ten. Eng. Fire_Wolf_br TALK/GAMES/EMBAIXADA 19h41min de 24 de junho de 2010 (BRT).

Hi, didn't support Kohl with this letter. This letter was my own initiative, because I'm sick seeing our wikis to be inflicted by Wikia in any possible way. Make Desciclopedia's community sure that this has nothing to do with Kohl ;-) CartoonistHenning (discussão) 09h50min de 25 de junho de 2010 (BRT)
Yeah mate, we all know that this is your own initiative. What I'm saying is that many people are cautious with your previous attitude of calling we (yep, I was included) of traitors, and now willing for the community's help. While many of us (me included) know that you said that things on the past as Kohl was your only Desciclo's contact by that time and this way couldn't have an unbiased base (maybe it changed after the letter I've sent to Lars on Uncyclo, I hope), and therefore basicly some of us don't care about the words shouted on the past, many others must have to read that you didn't meant to say those words to us on the past. Well, this can look odd to you, but our culture works more or like this way: in order to be helped, any conflicts on the past must end with a "withdrawal" from the "wrong" side (in this case, it's all around to say you're sorry). I hope that you understand, my friend. Godspeed, Emb. Ten. Eng. Fire_Wolf_br TALK/GAMES/EMBAIXADA 18h38min de 25 de junho de 2010 (BRT)
I forgot the past to be honest, but I understand. Well, I regret people feel cautious after the case of Kohl and Slade, so I say sorry to those people and I shoudn't have been that rude against some users | CartoonistHenning (discussão) 10h18min de 26 de junho de 2010 (BRT)


If you are really english, it´s true?Or you maybe soment speak this language, please reply this message for me, in english,ok, Mr.Henning? leilãpo

Vc é australiano? Mangiamerda.gifMerdoMerdas feitas até o momento 21h23min de 20 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)

I'm not English, nor Australian, nor Canadian. I'm Belgian. Don't confuse me with Carlb
| CartoonistHenning (discussão) 19h22min de 21 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)
I speak English with you, because speaking in my own language would be a catastrophe when translating it into Portuguese | CartoonistHenning (discussão) 19h31min de 21 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)

Read my message on your UnMetta's discussion page please. Jonnyfale comigo22 754 19h32min de 21 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)

Sorry to swear, not wrong, but I made a big shit Renato Bilotta Contribs 4 748 presente 19h34min de 21 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)

It's okay. I don't feel offended at all. Please don't ban him | CartoonistHenning (discussão) 20h39min de 21 de dezembro de 2010 (BRST)

Server problems[editar]

Servers are unstable for this moment (UnMeta is down), prepare for shutdown. I don't know how long it will last. Just for the record.
Servidores são instáveis ​​por este momento (DescicloMeta é baixo), por favor, preparar para o desligamento. Eu não sei quanto tempo vai durar.
CartoonistHenning (discussão) 08h25min de 29 de maio de 2011 (BRT)

Cartoonist, I'm sorry for proposing this. It's because we never have been so long with problems in server, and we got so frustrated that certain descíclopes, like me, that were against the Wikia, we were so desperate that we have began do think that Wikia was the final solution. Sorry for this and for my bad english. SATANÁS LORDE DAS TREVASSer satanista não se trata de ser do mal ou ser servo do Diabo... Se trata de ser inteligente! De ser independente! De ser... aquilo que você mais quer ser, sem culpa!HAIL SATAN!33 176 NO INFERNO! 02h07min de 22 de julho de 2011 (BRT)

It's OK. I'm not angry at anyone, I only want DP to stay away from | CartoonistHenning (discussão) 02h24min de 22 de julho de 2011 (BRT)
PS: I have seen much badder English than that, though I'm not a native speaker.

Hi cartoonist. Well, I am here for the same reason presented by Fallen Angel, we really wouldnt like to leave here and go to Wikia, but the situation here was really tragic - and still is...Nobody could login or edit for long time and then they started to complaine about the server. We oppened a topic about going to Wikia because we were desesperated abou what coul happen to Desciclopédia if the situation didnt change. Anyway, Im sure that Carlb is working to solve it and now you can see that most of users changed their votes after Carlb explaine what is happening. Its difficult to be patient with the problems we were having, but Im almoust sure that everything will be going well soon and we can still with this server!

Sorry for anything precipitated done. Lit 13h54min de 22 de julho de 2011 (BRT)


The reason why I have removed this iw is because it's being used by the admin to bypass it's ban. Nobody edits in Desgalipedia except that admin, so there's no reason to worry about "punish the whole project itself". Other sysops either don't care or approve this removal, as far as I know only one sysop dislikes this idea, this removal wasn't approved by the community but I was bold. SATANÁS LORDE DAS TREVASSer satanista não se trata de ser do mal ou ser servo do Diabo... Se trata de ser inteligente! De ser independente! De ser... aquilo que você mais quer ser, sem culpa!HAIL SATAN!33 176 NO INFERNO! 15h09min de 2 de fevereiro de 2012 (BRST)

What's up, Doc?[editar]

Cart, what's going on? UnCommons has a crashed skin since February, in the week from 2012-04-07 to 2012-04-13 "oscar" and "roberto" crashed, they came back Friday night (2012-04-13) but since yesterday (Saturday, 2012-04-14) all other UnMeta sites are off (except Desciclopédia, but some images are not shown). Cthulhu.fhtagn (discussão) 13h30min de 15 de abril de 2012 (BRT)

Hi, I honestly don't know. I sent mails to Carlb and I received answers like "I will update the actual servers with turbo parts". So I expect these problems will cease soon, but I don't know how soon :-/ CartoonistHenning (discussão) 10h26min de 15 de maio de 2012 (BRT)