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The Uncyclopedia of The Month prize will be awarded for the Uncyclopedia that has showed well in the last month. The Chuck Norris Award will be given for the Uncyclopedia with less than 1000 articles with the best showing in the last month. Another award, the Jeremias José Prize will be awarded for the Uncyclopedia that has grown by the most levels, according to the talk page of the ranking template.

The candidates will be announced by a committee before the first day of the month and the voting will happen between the first (1st) and tenth (10th) day of the month. The candidates will be notified that they are in the running, but only registered users will be allowed to vote. In the case of the user being foreign (from another Uncyclopedia), he must indicate his original Uncyclopedia version.

The awarding of this prize will be responsibility of the ambassadors of Desciclopédia. Not only the natives from Desciclo, but the foreigners too. This prize aims for integration between all versions of Uncyclopedia, and was originated by Slbenfica.

Only sysops of any of the versions of Uncyclopedia (must prove status by Special:Listusers/sysop) and ambassadors can take part on the award committee.

The updated rankings of Uncyclopedias are available here: 20 biggest - 10 biggest.

Only for Committee Members: The announcement page will be here.

December 2006[editar]

Uncyclopedia of the Month[editar]

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Chuck Norris Award[editar]

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Jeremias José Prize[editar]

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